JROTC Performs Well At Annual Inspection

Lydia Whitesell, Staff Writer

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The Page NJROTC recently had their annual inspection which consisted of three main parts, starting with the debrief, going in to their inspection and ending with the parade. The debriefing involves a member of NJROTC presenting all of the work towards funding and work in the community they have completed this school year. Community work they have completed this year includes having a hotdog sale fundraiser for a scholarship program, then later escorting the recipients of the scholarship. They have also marched in the Veterans Day parade then headed over to Golden Corral where veterans eat free, to help out by bussing tables and anything else they where able to help. They’ve also have to do their own funding events such as selling mattresses and cleaning up the stadiums after games. Next is the actual inspection, which they have been preparing for from the beginning in different ways.

The seniors, in order to prepare, have to be flexible and learn every job in case something were to happen and they have to take over that job. Juniors and sophomores need to learn lead positions and become the next set of leaders. The freshmen need to learn the basic for the years to come. All of what they need to learn is challenging, while most in this field have their entire life’s to prepare and practice these high school students have only a couple months to prepare.

Last was the parade where the Color Guard and Unarmed and Armed Exhibitions squad revealed what they have worked so long and hard to achieve. In the end according to Gunnery Sergeant Sweeney, “They did better in some areas but kind of slipped up in other areas, but it all kind of balanced out in the end.”


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JROTC Performs Well At Annual Inspection