Friends, The Office, or Seinfeld: Which Should I Watch?


Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

Last week, Pages by Page reviewed Delicious, a local bakery. This week, we’re switching things up to do a review and comparison of three sitcoms that have grown to become very popular. Let’s begin with Friends. With ten seasons, Friends was a huge success that led the six lead actors, especially Jennifer Aniston who has starred in numerous other popular shows and movies, to fame. This show is about a group of friends who hang out at a local coffee shop, relying on each other during times of struggle. The show begins with the actors being around the age of 25, but after the 10th season, many of them were over 35. Admittedly, Friends is not as funny as Seinfeld or other sitcoms; however, it’s the friendship that you, as the viewer, feel like you gain with each of the characters. Since their struggles are relatable and there are 236 episodes, it’s easy to feel close to the six friends.

The Office is a much newer show that began filming in 2005, the same year Friends stopped filming. The Office is about the everyday lives of workers in an office in Scranton, Pennsylvania. There are many more primary characters than in Friends and Seinfeld. With a large amount of characters who seemed to rotate on and off the show every season, there isn’t enough character development. As a viewer, I’d like to know more about a select few characters rather than knowing a few details about a big group. In addition, The Office is more focused on humor rather than relationships. While the show is enjoyable, many of the episodes are not very funny. Of course, this is a personal opinion, and many viewers find every bit of The Office hilarious. 

Seinfeld is another popular sitcom. This show follows the lives of four characters living in New York City, revealing their trouble with relationships, jobs, and life in general. Personally, I believe that Seinfeld is one of the funniest shows on television. However, this show is not for everyone, particularly people who easily become offended. Many jokes are made at the cost of a certain group in regards to race, gender, or another defining characteristic. The four main characters have been described as some of the worst humans ever, primarily because they often laugh at the suffering of others. Even so, this characteristic is what makes Seinfeld such a funny show.

If I had to watch only one of these shows for the rest of my life, I would choose Friends without a doubt. It’s a feel-good show that makes me smile every time I see an episode. Following Friends, I would choose Seinfeld, and The Office would come last. However, individual opinions vary widely, so I recommend watching at least a few episodes of each show. 

Which show is your favorite? Make sure to leave a comment below. See you soon for another review!


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