The Finish Line Nears for Page’s Indoor Track Season

With our latest track meet on January 20,2020 for the JDL HOT Snowman Meet we had a ton of impressive performances.

Starting off we have Isiah Fisher once more placing in 1st for the 55m, while Jaedon Barnett and Avante Mccray place in the top 10 with Aneesa Lawrence in the top 20 for the 300m. then we have Jaedon Barnett in 1st with Josiah Moore in the top 10 and Mclaurin Hull in 4th , while for the 1000m we have Emmet Yacouba in 1st with Madelin Hamuka placing 10th. Then for the 1600m it’s Madelin Hamuka placing in top 10, with Luiza Warwar placing 4th and Ethan Long placing 1st for the 3200m. for the 55m hurdles we have Anisa Jones and Keyarah Rodriguez placing in the top 10,

Then for the 4×200 it’s the men’s varsity in 1st and women’s varsity in 3rd, while for the 4×400 it’s men’s in 3rd, women’s in top 10. Finally, for the 4×800 it’s both the men’s and women’s team placing 4th. While for the shot put it’s Nieko Pollard in the top 10, Then in the high jump it’s Aneesa Lawrence in 3rd. Finishing it off we have Jasiah Moore and Anisa Jones placing a top 10 spot for the Long Jump, while its Nehemiah Braxton placing in the top 10 for the triple jump.