Gabby’s Hot Topics: “WandaVision”


*Warning: If you have not seen “WandaVision”, this article may contain spoilers!*

“WandaVision” takes a whole new look at a plot-driven adventure in the Marvel cinematic universe, challenging a new narrative with main characters Wanda Maximoff and Vision. You first see Wanda and Vision in Marvel’s “Age of Ultron,” with Wanda and her brother Pietro (quicksilver) teaming with Ultron to stop the avengers, especially Tony Stark. Vision is made up of one of Tony’s personal computer assistants created by Ultron with the help of Helen Cho and given life by the powerful artifact known as the mind stone. This is also part of Wanda’s power, as it will eventually lead to her becoming her comic book counterpart self, “the scarlet witch.”

You start the first two episodes in the 60s with the intro theme song “Wanda Vision,” inspired by the 60s sitcom “Jeannie”. Wanda and Vision come to their new home with a wedding dress and tux on, so we can assume that they are coming back from their wedding, while their neighbors are welcoming them home. Wanda and Vision have to keep their magical powers a secret in the new town of Westview. Their nosy neighbor Agatha has been helping them try to blend into the new town without actually knowing that they are not really supposed to be there, but maybe she isn’t either!

The first few episodes end with the credits rolling on Wanda and Vison. As they zoom out of focus of the TV, we see someone analyzing them. They’re stuck in this sitcom as reality changes timelines from the 60s to, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, and 2010s. Luckily, Wanda is not stuck in this sitcom reality, rather she created this alternate idyllic paradise of classical sitcom tropes within the town of Westview while trapping the people of Westview to be part of her subconscious reality. Wanda has been through a lot in her lifetime: she lost her parents to Tony Stark’s machines, she lost her brother to self-sacrifice, she was a lab rat for the shield that led her to the mind stone, and then she saw the love of her life die twice in front of her just to find out that he bought a home for them to grow old in. Surprisingly, he bought the house in Westview, and this leads Wanda to break and let out all of her pain and grief that she has been holding in for a long time.

I could go into more depth into the show but that would be me ending up writing a whole novel with theories, my opinion, and more spoilers. I did not get to mention every little major detail that happened because I want everyone to read this article to get an understanding of Wanda and to watch the show with your own opinions with all the shocking revaluation that comes out in every episode. If you want ending explained/fan theory information, visit YouTube to watch Heavy Spoilers. He goes into more depth on each episode of “WandaVision” and explains many details.


Photo Credits: Disney+