Should College Athletes Be Paid?

William Petitt, Staff Writer

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In a multibillion dollar industry with coaches making six figures easily, the only people who aren’t benefiting are the centerpiece of the whole industry. The athletes! The NCAA’s policy on Amateurism prevents players from receiving a salary(and many other things) despite the massive amount of money the players bring in for their schools and the NCAA. In fact, the NCAA made a whopping $912 million off of college athletics, most of it coming from the Division I men’s basketball tournament. With the NCAA and schools making too much money to count off of players that aren’t allowed to take a penny, this leaves many with the question: should college athletes be paid?

Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh makes just over $9 million a year, and Duke men’s basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski isn’t far behind, making $7,299,666 this year. However, the players who make up one of the top 10 teams in both of their sports make nothing at all. I think this is simply not right. If players are the ones who bring in all of the money, why don’t they get to keep any?

I think college athletes should get paid in the form of a 401k type thing. If you’re not familiar with a 401k, it is when an employer sets up an account to deposit savings for an employee into. The money is taken out when the employee retires or resigns and is taxed then. I think it could be used for college athletes so when they graduate, leave early to go pro, or transfer, they get paid. This would be great for college athletes for a number of reasons. First, it allows athletes to eventually get compensated for all the money they bring in without the distraction of money when they are still in school. Second, it would serve as a great form of motivation to stay in school. Lastly it could also help pay off student debt, which is a massive problem in the United States right now.

Yet another reason to pay college athletes is that they risk their bodies and health for the sport and school they love. If you have ever watched a college sport, you’ve probably seen a player get hurt. Terrible injuries in college sports like Kevin Ware in 2013 are at the expense of a player’s lifetime health, and for taking the high risk of getting injured college athletes should be paid.

College athletes should be eventually compensated for all of the hard work they put in for their schools, and all of the money they bring in. Paying college athletes in a 401k form would be a great solution. This would be fair to the athletes, increase motivation to stay in school, and help pay off student debt.

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Should College Athletes Be Paid?