What is the Most Important Quality in a Leader?

William Petitt, Staff Writer

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With President-Elect Donald Trump being sworn into office, many Americans are astonished at his seemingly impossible victory over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and await his Presidency. However, both during the race and more importantly now, questions of Trump’s demeanor and attitude are spreading like wildfire. Is Donald Trump fit to serve as President? Should he tweet? How should he conduct himself? Does it even matter?

If Donald Trump is a successful president, should the things he say and the way he acts be irrelevant? The big factor that needs to be evaluated is, what’s more important in a leader, performance or demeanor?

Let’s make an analogy. If there was a member of a sports team that wasn’t as good as the rest of the team and not a top player, making a big mistake could result in them being cut or suspended for a period of time. However, if an All-Star or Pro Bowler messed up, they are likely to get the benefit of the doubt when being punished because of their superior talent and get punished less severely. Would this be the case with our President-Elect once he gets into office?

Based off of the analogy and the results of the Presidential election, I think it is fair to say that society values performance over demeanor. If people valued a leader’s demeanor more than their values or performance, I think it is fair to say that Donald Trump would not have won the election. I think most of the American society values performance over demeanor. If Donald Trump says something crazy, it would impact Americans much less than if he did something good(in my opinion, at least) such as cutting taxes and saving American people and corporations money. In summary, the majority of the American population values performance over demeanor because a leader’s performance impacts them more directly and severely in most cases.


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What is the Most Important Quality in a Leader?