Does GCS Need to Rethink Scheduling?

William Petitt, Staff Writer

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I think switching the start and end times of elementary and high school could be very beneficial in Guilford County Schools. Most elementary schools start in Guilford County around 7:40am and get out around 2:30pm; and that most high school in Guilford County start around 8:50am and get out at 4:00pm. If we keep middle school(Junior High) at the same time it is currently at and swap elementary and high school times, it would serve Guilford County Schools and it students better.

Firstly, switching high school and elementary school times would be beneficial so high schoolers could get out earlier. Given that many high schoolers have after school activities, this would help them get home at a decent time instead of getting home in the evening or at night. Also, all high schoolers have much more homework than any elementary school student ever would, so getting out earlier would allow them more time to finish. This would allow high schoolers to have a less crowded evening and more time for other activities such as relaxing, which is absolutely necessary for everyone. Additionally, it would give employed high schoolers more time to work, and give those without a job incentive to get one because they have more free time in the afternoon.

Secondly, switching high school and elementary start times would be beneficial because it allows the older child to get home earlier to supervise their younger sibling. Many parents work afternoons and evenings and are not able to watch their child, leaving some kids at home unsupervised. However, if an older sibling was able to get home earlier to supervise their younger sibling for when they get home, this would create a safer environment for the child and in turn alleviate parental stress.

To summarize, switching elementary and high school start and end times would serve Guilford County Schools better because it makes it easier on the students. For the students, homework stress is reduced and more time is allowed for sports, activities and after school jobs. For parents with kids, it takes away the pressure of getting someone to watch younger children or the risk of having those children home alone for an extended period of time because their older sibling is already there to watch them.

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Does GCS Need to Rethink Scheduling?