Can Money Buy Happiness?

Tamar Greenhill, Staff Writer

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        The ultimate question; can money buy happiness? The ultimate answer: no. No matter how rich you are, money will never be the solution to your problems or the ONLY reason for your happiness. Would you rather prefer to have someone in your life that makes you happy or just to be alone for the rest of your life with only money? Being wealthy isn’t the path you want to take for happiness; happiness comes with other factor in life. For example, family, friends, children, a pet, or a significant other is what causes a smile on your face and a warm feeling inside from knowing that you’re loved by someone.  There are numerous amounts of wealthy individuals in this world who aren’t happy with their life because of this green, rectangular, piece of paper, which the world revolves around: money. Money is something everyone uses in their everyday life when they go out, for their basic necessities, and even for things they want. Money has its upsides to making a person happy. Money can be used to create happy moments and memories that’ll last a lifetime. You could spend money on others or people in need – spawning a beam of happiness amongst others. As well as being able to splurge on yourself, not having to worry about wanting something and not being able to receive it. However,  it doesn’t mean it generates your mood long term. Money has its benefits for triggering happiness by accumulating items you want or things you can do but isn’t permanent. Money is only temporary happiness, you will sooner than later realize that you only have money and you’ll become lonely maybe even sad, leading to depression, then death. Money is root of all evil and will never be able to provide a lifetime of happiness from love and affection that could only be given by a person, animal, or activity.

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Can Money Buy Happiness?