Should the Monuments be Removed?

   According to State Officials, the only confederate monument within Massachusetts was removed on Columbus Day.  The memorial, dedicated to 13 Confederate soldiers who died while imprisoned at Fort Warren, is located on Georges Island in Boston Harbor. It has been boarded up since June. The question is: why would they do this?
   Since the Charlottesville rally dispute over the Robert E. Lee stature, many cities, such as 25 so far, have began removing confederate monuments in regard to the white nationalist rally. “The decision to remove the monument comes amid a national debate about what to do with symbols that honor the soldiers of the Confederacy—most of which appeared in U.S. cities at the turn of the century or during the era of Jim Crow and the civil rights movement,” as said within Fox News. The department of Conservation and Recreation plan to move it when the park is closed for Columbus Day.
   Some believe that the removal of the monuments is a good thing, due to the confederate monuments having “racism” involved within them. People believe that due to the monuments, it has caused disputes and people to be injured due to rallies over the monuments. “I think that, once we had this catharsis of talking about it, there were people who protested the monuments coming down, but they were all outsiders who had come in from these weird groups around the country. In New Orleans right now, it was a daytime, very peaceful thing to get this monument down, and I think the whole process of talking it through, and realizing that we don’t need to put the Confederacy on a pedestal in New Orleans, which wasn’t even part of the Civil War, really,” says Isaacson within the PBC News. But is the monuments really a racist allusion?
    In my opinion, I believe that the confederate monuments should not be removed. I believe this because I feel as if the monuments represent history. The monuments being removed has not changed anything for our country, therefore taking them down is basically pointless and keeps everything unresolved. I believe that the confederate monuments represent history and war, in which many soldiers risked their lives to participate in for our country to be revised. The monument in Massachusetts represents the 13 soldiers that died  in Fort Warren. These soldiers fought for the South and lost their life while doing it, so why take down their only recognition that is left?