Do People Take Life For Granted?

Laurel Brown, Editorials

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Recently I have been observing others. I have realized how much has changed from the 20th century to now. More technology, different clothing, and even different attitudes. Society has changed majorly within the past decade, but is it a positive or negative for us?

As I observe others, I feel that people take things for granted too often. I feel as though people are more worried about their cellular device and who is texting or Snapchatting them, rather than appreciating life. Families are not even as close a functional as they use to be due to these issues, I can even see these problems affecting my family as well. Sometimes I catch myself being on Instagram or facetiming my friends, rather than taking precious time to be with my family.

I also feel that people do not appreciate life enough. Some think that life is all about materialistic qualities, when it really is not. I feel as if life is more about showing emotion towards others and spending time and being thankful for those around you. Some believe that money creates happiness, but I believe the opposed opinion. I do not think money buys happiness, I think family and ones who care about you creates happiness. I feel that people are more worried about politics rather than their personal life as well.

Some people tend to believe that life is just a joy ride and just for fun, and that family will be around in the next few years, so why care right? Do not get me wrong, people should have fun in life, but people should also appreciate it as well. And as for family being around? You never know when someone’s last day is, so you should really appreciate them and life as much as you possibly can!

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Do People Take Life For Granted?