Temperature’s Are Changing!

Laurel Brown, Editorials

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As we all know, this winter was a bad one. We had multiple snow storms, leading up to an ambiguous amount of school missed throughout the school year. Temperatures dropped to below freezing, and people were afraid to drive. There were many car wrecks, in which it was one of the worst winters to have occurred within Greensboro since the past few years.
  Now that it is summer time, temperatures are abruptly high, in which temperatures this past weekend almost reached up to 100’ total in which the heat index was high. These temperatures are even occurring during the school days. To avoid harsh conditions from the weather during the school day or any day, be sure to wear appropriate clothing, such as shorts, but still following the dress code. Be sure to stay hydrated because headaches and dehydration are crazily making an occurrence during this time of year…but on a positive note this means we’re closer to summer break!

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Temperature’s Are Changing!