Tamar Greenhill , Staff Writer

Welcome back or to Page High School!! Hopefully you all have had a fun and stress free summer. Now that we’ve been back in school for a couple weeks now, I am confident that all us Page Pirates are set on school mode and are doing our very best to Dream BIG! Dreaming big in my opinion is to reach past your limits and believe that you can do everything that comes within your path; I want to become a cosmetologist. With being that being my career path, I aspire to have a business one day that compares to other popular businesses like Mac. Looking into the future and taking risks is what dreaming big is all about.

I want this to be a great school year with high grades, little to no drama, lower absences, and positivity all around. I want us all to challenge our personal beliefs and think of the things we want for ourselves as something easy to accomplish. The more we tell ourselves that something difficult is actually easy, we’ll eventually believe ourselves an achieve it. So take these words into consideration an actually apply them to what you want to do or need to do to be successful. Hope all is well and will continue that way, and always remember to DREAM BIG!!!