Trick or Treat?

Tamar Greenhill, Staff Writer

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Halloween: a controversial or jubilant holiday held on October 31st… Halloween is full of pumpkins, candy, gruesome factors, fun, fellowship (for some), exotic costumes, and a great time all around. People of all ages and when I say all, I mean ALL; they love to go all out for this one short night. Thousands of dollars spent on house decorations, costumes, and candy, just for people to go around for a couple hours in the afternoon or night to knock on your doors and ring your bells for a couple pieces of candy, sometimes more if you’re in the right neighborhood/house. I remember as a kid, I didn’t really understand the big deal over Halloween or why people wanted to go to out at night, even though it was very common for the people whom were in my school to go trick or treating with their family members. It wasn’t until my 8th grade year in middle school, going in to high school, when I finally wanted to go out for a change on Halloween. I wanted to be able to teepee houses, do Ding-Dong ditch, and a whole bunch of other stuff, like all my other friends. After that one night, I came to the realization that it was a stupid idea and I should’ve never done it. I say this because, it was wrong to do in the first place and just it was completely childish of soon-to-be high schoolers. There should be as cut off age for those to stop trick or treating unless accompanied by a younger sibling or younger family member in general: below the age of 14. As voted by those on Twitter (@PagesbyPage), freshman in high school are too old to Trick or Treat. So when you think about your plans for Halloween next week, make sure if you’re older than 14, don’t have Trick or Treating on your agenda. With that being said, hope all Page Pirates have a safe and fun Halloween!!!

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