Tamar Greenhill, Staff Writer

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November 6th, 2018 is a very important day for everyone who is eligible to vote; the midterm elections are held on this day. Going out and voting needs to be the number 1 thing on your to- do list; it’s important that you take the time out and vote for who you may believe to be the best candidate. If you don’t vote, yet complain about wanting change, you are just going to continue to bicker. The way I see it is: You can either vote by voting or not voting. If you don’t vote and take action for a change, someone else’s vote will count more. I just want you to just sit and think about all the changes that we’ve been through; voting was and is prominent. If there wasn’t voting, we’d still probably have no right to health insurance, no civil right acts, no Medicare or Medicaid, or a whole bunch of other laws that have shaped this country into a better place for individuals. So never say that voting isn’t important or that you don’t believe your vote matters; if it didn’t some people wouldn’t try so hard to keep you from voting. Go out and vote, tell your family, friends, everyone in all honesty. Even if you aren’t eligible to vote yet, take this into consideration and make sure that when it’s your time, you’ll vote.

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