Independence is KEY!

Tamar Greenhill, Staff writer

As I was growing up, my parents and other family members would spoil me; everything was basically handed to me whether it were for a need or a want. It wasn’t until I was maybe 12 when I finally realized the importance of independence and overall feeling of it. In previous years, I would never truly take care of something that someone bought for me after I was tired of it; it’d get lost somewhere or something along those lines. Although, now that I’m older and have taken things into my own hands like, getting a job and paying for my own stuff, I tend to be more careful with my stuff. When I broke or lost something that was purchased with my own money, I’d freak and have the urge to get it replaced ASAP.
The ability to be independent is something that not everyone possesses right away but, I do believe it can be done. A wise woman once told me, “you’ll always appreciate something that’s bought by you; you cherish the stuff you accomplish alone.” I live by those words. I’m not saying it’s bad to depend on someone from time to time but you should branch out on your own; independence is a way of life and survival. Be in charge of your ship Pirates, and always remember to DREAM BIG.