Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover

Tamar Greenhill, Staff writer

As I was scrolling through my Twitter this morning, a Twitter thread had caught my eye. A girl by the name of Cassie talked about her trip to Planned Parenthood: a nonprofit organization that provides sexual health care for Women and Men in the United States and globally. The girl had said an abundance of people crowded the parking lot and street of the location with flyers that said, “GOD HATES GAYS!” As she finished with her checkup, more people had and called her a “murderer” as another group of people crowded her car when she tried to leave. Little did any of those people who stood outside chanting their opinions know was that Cassie was there for a cancer screening, not to abort a child.

People need to understand that Planned Parenthood isn’t just an abortion center, the organization offers much more. Although, even if it only did specialize in that area, women have the right to their privacy as to what they do with their bodies- as well as men, of course.

Since it’s Women’s History Month, it felt appropriate to share this story as it relates to women and a topic (abortion)  that has been argued about for quite some time.