Tamar Greenhill, Staff writer

Prom is officially here Pirates!!! A vast majority of the upperclassmen have waited for this moment, even though it has seems as if it came around really fast in my opinion. I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone looks as well as how they felt about it after it’s all said and done. The prom committee has worked really hard to make sure that our prom is going to be the absolute best. Along with how the prom will go, Sra. Ureña has hosted a prom fashion show to auction off a chance to win a free prom dress, and has great quality dresses stocked in her classroom for girls who may not have the money, time, or whatever reason that has hindered them from getting a dress for prom. I’m not really sure what was done last year prior to prom that included students, but I can tell you that this year, the amount of creativity, time, and money that was put into prom this year is greatly appreciated. Hope to see many of you Pirates at prom tomorrow night at the Marriott downtown. Look sharp Pirates!