Tamar Greenhill , Staff writer

A little stress around exam time can be a good thing (if you’re a positive person), as it motivates you to put in the work. But sometimes stress levels can get way out of hand, predominantly at the end of the school year. Having to think about exams causes us to worry more, experience skyrocket anxiety and depression, lose sleep that we need to actually have the strength to focus and become forgetful, and overwhelmed. According to Teena Clouston (Cardiff University), we must come up with a game plan, per say, to keep up and stay on track. The purpose of the plan is to make sure we lose the “out of control feeling.” The second is balancing how you spend your time; have your time to study and to also a window for breaks. Eating well, engaging in physical exercise, taking breaks from study, and getting enough sleep all ensure that your stress levels are kept under control.

Exam season will all be over soon Pirates, just hang in there and take it one day at a time.