Social Media, Helpful or Harmful?

Jenna Whitt, Staff Writer

“Social media has been proven to be just as addictive as alcohol or some narcotics, considering there is a similar loss off matter in the areas of the brain that control attention, emotions, and decision making. This manufactures a greater want for the stimulation of likes, comments and messages. Although there is a significant increase of dopamine associated with social media usage, there is a decrease in many communication skills. Egotistical tendencies among certain conversations are at an all-time high due to this increase of dopamine,” says ASAP Science (Sep 7, 2014). Along with the many negatives, there are also numerous positives. The wallflower who wouldn’t normally go up to someone and try to be a friend has a place to interact with people without interacting face to face. Social media can also be used as a tool to write and record history as it’s in the making and because of this we’ll always have access to what happened in every year of history at our finger tips. It also can be used to stay connected with friends from long distances. Considering the many positives and negatives, I think people should take sometime out of their day to go screenless and enjoy the company of the people around us.