The “Perfect Body”

Akia Barnes, Staff Writer

Let’s think about social media. What do you see? All the likes and emojis go to the models showing off their amazing bodies. What would pop up if searching “the perfect body” in Google? It is no surprise that you find multiple tutorials on how to get a big butt and small waist. What’s even worse is that young girls are introduced to unrealistic body images with the toys that they grew up playing with or seeing advertised on TV, including the original Barbie or the Bratz dolls. What do they all have in common? They all have a very defined shape, right? So, is that the “perfect body”?  No!

The perfect body comes in many different shapes and sizes and all are beautiful. Unrealistic images often seen in the media result in many women and girls struggling to love themselves. Society has made the “perfect body” a standard of beauty that many fall short of achieving. I’m not saying that all people are like this, but I am saying that unfortunately too many people believe that a slim waist, big breasts, and/or a big butt equal beauty and perfection. 85% of women say that they opt out of important life activities, such as trying out for a team or club and engaging with family or loved ones, when they do not feel good about the way they look.

How do we change this? I commend Mattel, the makers of Barbie, because in recent years they have expanded their branding to be inclusive of many different shapes and nationalities, celebrating the beauty of us all. Representation matters. Seeing beauty in all different shapes and sizes is perfect because it’s authentic. Perfect because it’s original. Perfect because it’s unique. Perfect because it is you!