How Do We Express Ourselves Through Art?

Airazona Johnson, Staff Writer

Expressing yourself through art can be challenging sometimes. You either do not know how to or are scared to do so. It can also be hard to put your feelings into something that people might see, but when you get comfortable, there are many ways that you can express yourself with art.

It’s very easy to be held back because you don’t know the rules. The good thing about art is that it has no rules, and you can do anything. Do not be afraid to let your emotions take over and to paint without thinking. Drawing, writing, dancing, and playing an instrument are other forms of art that you should try. 

There is the risk that you might want to add something to your art but you aren’t sure if it will look good. The good news about that is that you can start over if you don’t like it! Art isn’t a test. Instead, it is a way to express yourself.

You can also discover something about yourself with art because it allows you to relax, and thinking about your creation isn’t really required. You will learn that it is okay to make mistakes because you can always start over again. Art allows you to use your imagination, and it lets your creativity grow.

Everyone should try to paint and have no plan in what they are doing at least once in their life. It can show a lot about yourself, and it can lower feelings of stress. Many people can create beautiful and unique works of art it for hours without even realizing that so much time has passed.