When is Animal Testing Justified?

Airazona Johnson, Staff Writer

There are many controversial opinions when it comes to companies testing their products on animals. Some say it is okay because they are just animals; therefore, any pain inflicted doesn’t matter. Others say it’s not okay because animals cannot tell you what hurts them and when to stop. Recently, many companies have agreed with the latter statement and have started to release products that they do not test on animals.

Horrible things happen to these animals when getting tested on. Animal testing is everywhere, but the highest numbers are in Asia. Bears are one of the most common animals tested on. The companies do it for the bile in their gallbladder. When the bears are captured, they are usually never let go again, and they are usually under harsh forms of neglect.

The U.S. tests on animals for “efficiency” and “safety.” Most companies do it so that they can pass FDA regulations. The most common animals that are tested on in the U.S. are rats and rabbits. Many people do not like rats, so the companies do not seem to care. Human trials should be used all the time because people can speak up and say when enough is enough. It makes more sense to test on humans because they are the one using the products too. Animal testing is very inhumane and should never be justified.