What Will Students Do When COVID-19 Has Passed?

Taylor Meister, Staff Writer

In March of last year, the COVID-19 virus began to spread quickly throughout the United States, sending the country into a lockdown. People were confined to their homes and kept away from loved ones and most social activities. Since then, many people have been waiting and planning for when the coronavirus is finally gone. Although there might not be one magic moment when the virus is officially declared “over”, it doesn’t stop people from waiting eagerly.

In a recent google forms survey, I asked high school students “If COVID-19 were to magically disappear overnight, what’s the first thing you would do?” This question might be difficult for some people. Some people might want to go to a movie without a mask on. Some might choose to go on vacation. Others might be just fine with staying in their homes.

While I received a variety of different answers, there was one clear theme. Most people said the first thing they would do if the coronavirus ended right now would be to go see friends and family. Now, the pandemic hasn’t cut off all means of communication with our loved ones because we can still FaceTime, text, and send letters from the safety of our homes.

However, for many people it’s not the same. Some students said they would sleep over at a friend’s house without having to worry about spreading germs. Some said they would give their family members a hug. Others said they would visit their loved ones without having to wear a mask. The overall consensus seemed to be that people just want to be with their loved ones without having to take precautions or worry.

It sometimes seems crazy that things that once seemed so normal, such as going to a restaurant, sitting in a group of desks pushed together, or going to the movies, now seem so foreign. Many students are looking forward to being able to do the simple things again, the things that we used to take for granted.

Now, with the return of students to school in person, there is hope. One day we will all be able to go to the movies again. One day we’ll be able to go to parties, gather in groups, hug our loved ones. It may seem like the day will never come, but it will. And when the coronavirus has finally passed, we will all be able to celebrate.