Why Do Pit Bulls Get Such a Bad Rap?

Airazona Johnson, Staff Writer

Pit bulls are wildly feared by many people because there are so many false lies about them. Oftentimes, people never get to actually know how loving pit bulls can be. These animals were originally used as nanny dogs for young children in the 1800s because they are very protective. Unfortunately, some people saw how protective they can get and introduced them to the world of dog fighting.

Dog fighting has been around for forever. The conditions that people put these dogs in are so horrible that they are forced to turn aggressive. Pit bulls are not the only dogs who have a bad rap because of dog fighting. The Cordoba Fighting Dog even had it in its name. In addition to the dog fighting, it seems like there is more and more media light on dogs attacking small children. The media likes to blame it on the dogs, as reporters never talk about if the child was doing something the dog did not like or accidentally hurt the dog.

Pit bulls got a wide media coverage with the Michael Vick case in 2007. Vick was an NFL player who owned a dog kenneling service that was actually a cover put for a dog fighting ring where people would bring dogs and bet on who would win. These dogs where kept in horrible conditions and were treated terribly, either by humans or the other scared dogs.

In my experience with pit bulls, they are the most loving dogs who will always protect you. Some of them need extra love and patience simply because many of them are abused and have a hard time trusting people.