Cleaning Up A Messy Year

Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

I think everyone can agree that this year has been somewhat messy. Some students have had a great year and love online learning, but most students have struggled with it and hate remaining at home. The effects, positive or negative, of this online environment are tremendous. We don’t even realize the struggles that each individual has faced, other struggles to come, and long-term effects of online learning and this entire situation, aside from the obvious health crisis. 

For example, the Battle of the Books team at Page won first place in the competition last year and was supposed to advance to the next level. However, that competition was cancelled because schools were closing down during the time that the competition was scheduled for. This year, the team was very small, and after preparation for the annual competition Page had to drop out due to the lack of participation. This hurt a few students who were diligently preparing for the competition, and it’s likely that if students had been in person, participation would have been much higher like other years. Similarly, many other clubs have not been able to meet at all or have had to meet virtually as a result of the pandemic.

Additionally, with the return to in-person school technical issues could worsen because students in the classroom have to bring their own computer or one from Guilford County and log onto their classes from their computer, even though the teacher is in front of them. Will the internet at Page be able to handle hundreds of students? It will surely be tested when all grades return to school, even at 50% capacity.

There are a countless number of other challenges that everyone has faced that we don’t even realize. Even despite the problems that we overcame or are still dealing with, we can have a great year. We can do that by thinking about the good that we have to come, by questioning, “What do I have to look forward to?” At times, I might not see much, but I believe that everyone has something to look forward to. Is it college? A time where we don’t have to wear masks? Maybe it’s a special dinner or treat that you’re getting on Saturday night. For me, it’s finishing a school day and having time to watch one of my favorite TV shows, and it’s also getting to spend quality time with my family. At hard times, ask yourself what you have to look forward to. It will make a difference.