Thoughts On No More Asynchronous Wednesdays

Akia Barnes, Staff Writer

There will be no more asynchronous Wednesdays. Are you ready? I’m not. This does not excite me in the least. My mother claims that we have forgotten what real school is like, and though she may be right, this is our new standard. Can you recall when asynchronous days were on Fridays? That was great, but then it was changed again. That was fine, but now it’s being changed once more!

Wednesdays were my days to complete assignments and get work done early. Wednesday was also a day for teachers to map out our activities for the week, instead of speaking to a computer in front of 30 students.

My Wednesdays are not just beneficial for my classmates and I, but they effect those around me too. I work with my younger sister, who is about to start Pre-K, on her numbers and letters so that she can write them correctly. I assist her because we are both learn the same way, and she is more enthusiastic when her older sister helps her.

Am I saying that we must get our asynchronous Wednesdays back? No, but it will surely bring some complications. I understand that we will have return at some point, but changing the whole schedule with only a few weeks of school left may be a little messy.