Is Destiny Real?


Akia Barnes, Staff Writer

Destiny. We have all heard the word before like in songs and love stories, but what is destiny? Well, from the dictionary it is a hidden power
believed to control what happens in the future, which basically means that it is fate. Something was meant to happen how it happened and when it happened, and you cannot do anything to change that.

The biggest story we hear about destiny or fate is the story of Romeo and Juliet. It is about two star-crossed lovers who fell in love at first sight, but the families of each lover hated each other. In the end, Juliet goes into a deep sleep and Romeo thinks she died, so he kills himself. When she wakes up, seeing Romeo dead, she does the same. The end.

Very interesting right? In the end, they were both going to die eventfully, but did the universe know they were going to die? Did the universe know that they would die in that way? Was it fate or just a very bad coincidence? That is up to the person reading the story, but I believe that while coincidences do happen, there is something much bigger than any of us can imagine in Shakespeare’s story, which can further be applied to our own lives.


Photo Credits: Mental Floss