High School is Exciting


Hayden Creech, Staff Writer

High school doesn’t fit into one box; most days these halls can’t be summed up with one adjective. “Exciting” is certainly one of those adjectives because no matter how scary, stressful, and educational high school is, there are amazing moments every day. The games, the pep rallies, the dances, and the clubs make these four years fun and unite us with each other and our school.

  One freshman says, “being able to make tons of new friends and have great experiences,” is what makes this new chapter exciting for them. For underclassmen, it may be unclear what those great experiences will be, but there seems to be a consensus that they will happen. Our parents, siblings, and neighbors all have stories of their high school years and the crazy, exciting, fun times they had.

   “Having choices in what classes [to] take as opposed to only being allowed to pick one or two in middle school,” is another exciting thing, as a senior points out. CTE, music, foreign language, and weight lifting, this list goes on. The selection of classes opens our eyes to new areas and gives us a way to study our favorite subjects more. Students can take more than one social studies, science, or math class, creating schedule flexibility full of exciting possibilities.

  Lastly, another senior says, “the independence that comes with being able to drive and get rides from other students rather than adults,” makes high school exciting. In years past transportation to and from school was a burden, a reason to wake up thirty minutes earlier. Now, getting back and forth between home and school is a bonding experience and a great way to make new friends.

   High school is many things, but we miss so much if we don’t acknowledge how exciting it is. Forget the homework, the social hierarchies, and all of the pressures- high school is as exciting as we let it be.

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