Where are Parents Coming From?


Natalie Scott, Staff Writer

Why do parents have to be so strict on their kids, as every kid would say? According to research from parents and the internet, let us take a closer look at why.

Why do I have a curfew?
Some teenagers will ask their parents why they cannot stay out all night. Well for one thing, parents like to be able to go to bed knowing that their child is home safe rather than having to worry about something going wrong while they are asleep. Second, it is a part of growing up and learning that you should obey your parents and listen to what they have to say. The main reason parents establish a curfew is to make sure that you are safe while having fun. I have interviewed a parent, Julie Goldstein, and this is what she has to say about why kids should have a curfew. “I think healthy boundaries are a way to keep them safe and know that you can trust them.” Another parent says “This is a privilege used later at night, so there needs to be parent supervision. You also need to have you priorities straight and not stay out too late because there needs to be some family time.” After hearing these quotes from parents, we can see they all relate to the same thing- establishing boundaries and recognizing that going out and having fun is a privilege.

Why do my parents care about school?
Now a lot of you may or may not relate to this, but the biggest thing that your parents do not want you to know is that they want you to do better than them. Parents face a lot of challenges raising their kids, and they put in a lot of work because they want the best for their kids. Well, some of you might say that your parents expect you to get straight A’s. Well, that is not the case. All they want from you is to give it your all and to try your best. Yes, I understand that school may not be for you. But it is a terrific way to prove not only to your parents and your peers but also to yourself that you are the best that you can be. An interviewed parent said “They know that the future will be more difficult if they do not make the good choice to try in school.” Another parent said “It is part of their future.” These parents are saying that they want to set their kids up for the best so they can have a successful future.

Why do my parents make me do chores?

Let’s take a closer look at this. Your parents cannot do everything for you. You must grow up and mature and clean up after yourself to live a healthy lifestyle. You also must do it because you are giving back to your parents. They have done so much for you, so it is the least you could do for them. Taking responsibility for chores is also just part of growing up. I interviewed a parent, and she said “I think it is a good way to help them develop a sense of responsibility for the home, and just because I needed help. If I provide for them, then that is a way that they can give thanks.” Another parent I interviewed said “It teaches them responsibility and sometimes they get allowance, so it also teaches them financial things.” This is just teaching us that parents truly just want the absolute best for their kids.

Why do my parents take my phone away?
Let’s consider the question “Why do my parents take my phone?” Parents believe that by taking our phones away, we will behave better just so that we can get them back. Just taking away our whole social life is the one biggest thing that parents do to get you to act right and behave. I interviewed a few parents, and one says “Once a huge privilege has been given and you are not able to behave properly, then that privilege will be taken away.” I also interviewed another parent, and they said “ [It is] To learn consequences for not behaving properly” As we can see, it is a privilege to have a phone, but once you do something wrong or do not behave right, that privilege will be taken away.

Wrap up
Here are the few things many parents do and their reasoning behind it. The main point is that they do it because they love you and want the best for you. They want to watch you grow up and mature and be the best you can be.