A Look Back in Time: Reflections and Advice from Page Teachers


Georgia Blekicki, Staff Writer

I have had the wonderful opportunity to interview two teachers at Page Highschool. Mr. Rogers was once an AP student, captain of his track team, involved in student council, and president of his band. Ms. Goldstein loved to swim for her school, finished top of her class, and skated across the stage as a teen angel in the musical Grease. Both, now English teachers at Page, have come a long way from not only graduating high school but coming back to educate us.

What are some of the biggest differences in high school now vs. when you were a student?
Mr. Rogers shared with me that technology has had a very big impact on everyone’s high school experience. GCS (Guilford County Schools) has provided every public school in the county with the luxury of having a personal computer dedicated to school. Whereas, a lot of our educators were not supplied with information at their fingertips. Ms. Goldstein said that there were often lectures instead of class discussion time. A lecture is an educational talk to an audience, especially to students in a university or college. “I remember having to write and take notes in my cursive handwriting,” Mr. Rogers said.

How has style changed since you were in high school?
Clothing trends are consistently changing. Rogers and Goldstein both stated that baggier clothing was more popular when they were younger. “We were big and bagging,” Rogers said. Both shared that trends tend to come back full circle. Goldstein said “As the years go by, the things that seem to be on trend are the things I used to wear. That was us in the ’80s!” Whether it’s box fades, Jordans, two-tone jeans, neon clothes, or Reeboks with the straps, ’80s fashion was definitely one history won’t forget.

What were your priorities as not only a student but a teenager?
We all struggle with time management. Should I go to the big football tonight with my friends or stay at home to study for my math test tomorrow? Rogers and Goldstein both shared that academics were at the top of their list. “Growing up, my parents were both educators, so I definitely prioritized academics… it always came first,” Rogers said. Goldstein said that in high school she enjoyed her academic classes and was “bookish”. Friends were a common priority between the two teachers. Rogers said that band and track were filled with many of his friends.

What kind of student were you?
Whether you are in AP, IB, Honors, or academic classes, school work can get overwhelming. “Other than math, certain subjects in school came pretty easy to me. I was in AP and Honors classes all through high school. Like every teen, I hated homework, but I did what was needed to get a good grade,” Rogers said. Mr. Rogers was a Junior Marshal as well. Ms. Goldstein shared one point, “I gave a speech at graduation, that’s all I’m gonna say.”

Were you involved in any clubs?
Clubs are a great way to get involved at your high school. Clubs open up opportunities to meet new people and to make long lasting relationships. Mr. Rogers was president of Students Against Drunk Driving, president of his band, captain of his track team, and in the student council. Ms. Goldstein swam for her high school, helped with the yearbook, and was in the National Honors Society. Both Rogers and Goldstein both said that some of the best moments of high school happened either through sports or clubs.

What teachers stood out to you and why?
Think of your favorite teacher. How did they affect you as not only a student but a person? Mr. Rogers responded immediately and said “Cliffton Scott, no doubt. He was my band teacher for four years… He has meant so much to so many people.” Cliffton Scott taught Mr. Rogers and another 140 students in his grade. “This was the easiest question you have asked me so far.” Mr. Rogers shared that he appreciates all kinds of music-rap, pop, classical, etc. because of the variety he was exposed to in band class. Ms. Goldstein shared with me that Mrs. Judy Bunch was by far the best teacher she had in high school. “I respected her because she was the most difficult teacher I had. She was constantly pushing our class to work harder… She made me earn my

What was the best part of high school?
There are a lot of fun things that you experience in high school. Football games, talent shows, sports, and clubs. Mr. Rogers said that some of the best parts of high school didn’t necessarily happen in class. “I had a great time going on road trips with my buddies and doing talent shows together.” Ms. Goldstein said that the best part of high school was skating across the stage as a teen angel and singing in the musical Grease. “It was the best star moment I have ever had.” In conclusion, how you spend your time in high school counts. You will remember this period of your life for a very long time, and trying to make it a positive experience is really important. High school is preparation for the real world. Keep working hard, stay involved with your school,