Performance Enhancements: Helping or Hurting Teens?


Do teens need to be using performance enhancement supplements to perform well? Should teens be using any supplements that are not natural? Teens are taking supplements at Page High School. What supplements are safe to take? I interviewed Kayla Conyers. She is a senior at Page High School. Most of her responses were that she is completely against the whole idea. She said, “Performance enhancements are not safe for teens. You just need to practice harder.”

The second person I interviewed was Ahmed Ebrahem, a senior at Page High School. He said “Taking performance enhancement supplements prior to your workout is safe.” He takes muscle mass (pre workout). Ebrahem takes this before games. He went on to say “I think it is safe because doctors have encouraged and supported not only the brand but the product.” Ebrahem said  “Everyone should try performance enhancing supplements at least once.”

According to a CNN survey, 38% percent of athletes have tried performance enhancement supplements. 1.3 percent of deaths have been caused because of steroids. Studies show that 3.3 percent of high school students admit to using steroids. They banned performance enhancement supplements from the Major League Baseball (MLB) for the advantage it gives. Dr. Ruth Milanaik, lead author of the study and a pediatrician at Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York, said “It has been estimated that perhaps upwards of 30% of high school athletes are using Creatine.” Enhancement supplements are on the rise and opinions vary on whether or not to use them.