Page’s Mrs. Mayers Continues to Grow her Dessert Company


Around Valentine’s Day, what better gift to present a loved one with than a baked good? Cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and more- what will you choose to share with someone around the romantic holiday of Valentine’s? Mrs. Julie Mayers, a teacher at Page High School, enjoys selling homemade sweet treats. Her desserts are not only made with clean and pure ingredients, but love and intricate design. Read below to see how Mrs. Mayers achieves the perfect dessert for any occasion. 

How did you get into baking?

With someone as talented as Mrs. Mayers, there’s a spark of pure talent and interest. Where did this come from? What or who inspired her to start baking in the first place? Mrs. Mayers (previously Ms. Goldstein) shared, “I started baking for my family and really began to appreciate it. My daughter really loved cheesecakes as well as homemade desserts for birthdays.” There is nothing better than a homemade cake on your birthday. Mrs. Mayers also said, “Once I started bringing dessert to friend’s houses for football games, New Years, birthdays, etc.- that was when it became my responsibility. Everyone knew Julie was bringing the dessert!”

Where did you learn how to bake?

The influence by which you learn is a huge part of your potential success. Mrs. Mayers learned the importance of measuring precisely, using pure ingredients, and not baking under stress. She shared “If you are stressed, your cake is stressed.” How did Mrs. Mayers learn how to not only perfect the perfect desserts, but how did she learn to bring something sweet into people’s day? She shared, “I learned in my own kitchen! I observed my mom baking growing up as well. Something that helped me GROW as a baker was watching every baking show on television. The Great British Baking Show has really taught me a lot.”

 I was very fascinated by the fact that Mrs. Mayers stated that watching other people bake helped her improve in ways that experimenting on her own couldn’t. says “Scientists have discovered that people are good at learning about the best choices to make. However, we learn even better if we can also watch other people learning the same thing. When we watch others’ choices, whether the results are good or bad, we have extra information on what the best choice may be.”

Where has your company been successful and where has it struggled?

As a business owner, your company is bound to go through ups and downs. How you handle the pressure of not only clients, but also the constant demand for products and services, is really what can test how strong your business is. Mrs. Mayers says “Ju-LaLa has been really successful in birthday parties, weddings, celebrations, and more. I appreciate that my clients don’t expect me to make something perfect- I am not Duff Goldman. It has succeeded for those who want something special, but not a million bucks to achieve it.” Ju-LaLa Cakes and Catering is a great option for those who are interested in something that can be perfectly molded to your occasion. 

With many successes, come struggles. Mrs. Mayers was willing to share the struggles that have followed her career in baking. She says, “My company struggles because I am in a new area from where I first started building my reputation. I’m not completely sure how to get my footing. And if I’m being honest, it does struggle when someone expects something out of a pâtisserie in Paris. I’m just not that person!” 

If I am interested in baking, what and how is an easy way to get started?

I believe that a huge part of high school is figuring out and finding hobbies that you love. Baking could be yours! The following are tips on how you can kick-start your baking journey. Mrs. Mayers says, “The easiest way to start is to go online and find a recipe that looks good, seems doable, something that has accessible ingredients, and doesn’t take a lot of time. Starting off easy is best so you don’t get tired. Fancier things tend to take more time, be more complex, and maybe not go perfectly for someone just beginning to bake. I feel like everyone can start off with something really easy that is delicious and wonderful to enjoy.”

 Checkout her website below to help support Ju-LaLa!

*Note: As of now, the company’s official name is Ju-LaLa Cakes & Catering. The website has since been rebranded to the name GoldMayer Events. The company itself still operates the same and can be referenced by either of the two names.*

Check out a few of Mrs. Mayers’ amazing creations: