Would Your Younger Self be Proud of Who You Are Today?


If you could give advice to yourself as a child, what would you say? And I am not speaking simple statements, such as “be kind to yourself” or “always know your worth.” I want to know about your fears, passions, and regrets. Do you ever wonder what could have been different if you just listened, or took that leap you were so scared of jumping? If your younger image was standing directly in front of you, how would you even begin a conversation with their innocent mind? Would you tell them how difficult life is? Or would you slip around the truth and tell them everything is going just fine? Do you think they would be proud of who you are today, looking up to you for guidance and support from whom they could never place? Are you considered a role model? Or are you now a “huge failure” that you’ve always thought you’d be? How can you make your younger self pleased with what you have become?

Speaking with your younger self can help you gain perspective on all of the amazing, hurtful, and even degrading situations that have occurred in your lifetime. Our childhood can easily be neglected as you grow older. More responsibilities, complex situations, and the aspect of expanding to adulthood can cause you to forget the beautiful things that are missed. People perceive their youth differently- but no matter the circumstances, you can still guide the vulnerable instead of criticizing all of the things you could have done differently. Instead of saying “keep pushing” or “you got this, don’t give up!”, we could also replace those words with comfort and compassion. There is no need to always be negative about what you couldn’t help in the first place. Offer support by holding onto your younger self, and by protecting them from the world before they have to be released. Build a connection with your old self, by cherishing, loving, and forgiving what needs to be forgiven. YOU will thank you.