High School Explained


School is different for everyone. Some people love it and some people hate it, and that’s okay. When you hear the words “High School”, there are several possible responses you can give. Either that can be a long list of reasons why those four years were the “best” years of your life, or a statement reasoning why it was so incredibly difficult for you. Or maybe you have no feelings towards high school at all, because this is what the world tells you to do in order to be successful. Maybe you had a load of friends who you went to pep rallies with. You had the good grades, the popularity status, and a rack of friends who I guarantee will lean away as you graduate. Who is going to be prom queen? Should it be the girl who is president of every club and sport, or is it going to be a girl you’ve never even heard of before? You overhear useless gossip about a fight that occurred in the cafeteria yesterday. Everyone is talking about it, so maybe you should too. So and so did this, a couple who have been together since middle school broke up, and some girl ditches her best friends to see her new boyfriend. Everything has to matter in high school, when in reality it’s not as big of a deal as teenagers make it. 

A poll was placed on the board for students to write down the pros and cons of the high school experience. Some examples of advantages include more freedom, fun events, diversity, and maturity. Disadvantages include more classes, rigorous coursework, getting out of school later, and frequently burning out. And what I have to say to this is that there are going to be positive and negative outcomes of any situation in your life. Everything in this word is what you make it. Any job can be stressful and exhausting, but what are the upsides of the position? Does the good outweigh the bad? Because this is what matters in the long run. A lot of teenagers struggle to figure out their passion in life, which is why high school can be great. You have the opportunity to pick classes that interest you (to an extent). This can be an amazing benefit to eliminate what you know you don’t like, or do not see yourself in the path going in the future. You are not alone if you find yourself stuck, unsure of where to go from school. High School is all about organizing your future, even if you have no idea what that may be.  

Society places only one singular image on the teenage experience, instead of being realistic upon what it actually is. At a young age, we are given books and movies with irrational expectations, which we will continue to anticipate until we stop the cycle. Sneaking out and partying is simply an expectation for teenagers. Why does it have to be this way? There are ways we can have fun and still be safe while doing so. Turning 16 and getting a brand new car, and all of a sudden you have the freedom to up and go whenever you feel like it. It’s all fun and games until one mistake becomes deadly. Drugs, drinking, and  activities are all common for teenagers. But who says this has to be the only way to gain “teenage experience”? There are routes you may take that others do not. Maybe you extend a shortcut for the sake of your personal well being. There is no wrong path if you know the path is right for you.