Is Elf the Best Christmas Movie of All-Time?


Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

In my family, watching Hallmark Christmas movies is a yearly tradition that begins right after Thanksgiving. While these movies always put me in a good mood, I believe that there is a Christmas movie superior to Hallmark movies, classics like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and all other Christmas movies: Elf. I’m not even the biggest Will Ferrell fan. I love his performance in Elf, but he is hit or miss in other shows and movies such as The Office and Step Brothers. What makes Elf so good is the perfect combination of comedy, warmth, and Christmas cheer, although I may be biased because I grew up watching the movie.

If you have not seen Elf before, here is the film synopsis: “Buddy (Will Ferrell) was accidentally transported to the North Pole as a toddler and raised to adulthood among Santa’s elves. Unable to shake the feeling that he doesn’t fit in, the adult Buddy travels to New York, in full elf uniform, in search of his real father. As it happens, this is Walter Hobbs (James Caan), a cynical businessman. After a DNA test proves this, Walter reluctantly attempts to start a relationship with the childlike Buddy with increasingly chaotic results.”

It may seem like a silly story, but the movie was executed perfectly to create a very entertaining film that I watch several times each year. Many Christmas movies are predictable and follow a similar storyline, but Elf is unique. I’ve never heard of any other movies about an oversized elf who travels from the North Pole to New York City, but I have heard countless stories about an unsuspecting man and woman who fall in love around Christmas time. I don’t want to attack Hallmark movies because they are great feel-good movies, but they are extremely predictable. The events that take place in Elf are not expected, which makes the movie one of the best Christmas movies of all-time. It’s definitely my favorite, so if you have not seen it before, I recommend it. The movie can be found on HBO Max, Amazon Prime, or on DVD. Enjoy!


Photo Credits: City of Madeira Beach