Making the Most of your Pumpkin this Year!

Zay Rivers, Reporter

Pumpkins are fun to use, and they are most likely used for decorations and holidays. Some examples are pumpkin carving, pumpkin pie, and making pumpkin candles. Other ideas are pumpkin soups, and breads. They are mostly used for Halloween and Halloween Eve. Pumpkin carving can make it spooky especially when they have a face on it to make a creepy carved face. Pumpkins come in four colors: red, green, yellow, and even blue which is surprising. Pumpkins are fun to eat, use and decorate. More specific pumpkin use is listed below:

Decorations: In Ireland, people started to carve demonic faces out of turnips to frighten away Jack Wondering Soul. When Irish immigrants moved to the U.S. – They began carving Jack-O-Lanterns from pumpkins as these were native to the region. That’s how everything started. With the spirit of Halloween and pumpkins being decorated it became a big thing and now everyone does it.

Food: What really had started pumpkin beverages was back in the 1990’s. Coffee Lovers had put in a pumpkin spice flavored coffee and they loved it, and that’s when everything hit them. They knew they could make more edible, drinkable, accessories for the environment. They came up with pumpkin pie which is one of everyone’s favorites. They came with hot pumpkin soup and also pumpkin bread and muffins. You should try it!

Pumpkin seeds: So pumpkin seeds are very old. They were discovered in 7000 B.C. Pumpkin seeds have been eaten throughout history for sustenance and medicinal purposes too.

Fun Fact: Pumpkin seeds are full of variable nutrients. They can lower blood sugar levels, and easily improve heart health. What a good seed!


Well most blue pumpkins are really for families and caregivers to signal to others that their child is on the Autism spectrum, and for food allergy kids too. If we’re talking about taste here, they say that it’s a mild rich and sweet flavor of the cooked pumpkins. What A Fun Fact!


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