Why Should We Check Candy After Trick-or-Treating?

Arionna Cole

When I was younger, after trick-or-treating, my mother would take mine and my siblings’ bags of candy. She would go through them to check for candy that was open or had holes in the wrapping, and anything that didn’t look right, she would throw in the trash. When I was younger, I would always wonder why she threw it away. As I got older, I began to read into it, and then I started to understand better. People are very cold in this world we live in and would do some pretty bad things to people. It’s gotten to the point where some people even try to kill kids through candy they hand out on Halloween. Back in the day, people were caught putting liquids and other bad things inside the candy they handed out to trick-or-treaters. Later, the kids would eat the candy and get very sick, sometimes even dying. Nails, sharp clips and other harmful things that don’t belong in candy have been found. there was this one man in the early 80s he was putting poison inside the candy and those kids would eat the candy that same night, and they would end up dying or getting sick very badly. there was never a case where the kid was okay after eating the candy. It never ended in a good case. So, nowadays when people go trick or treating, they always check the candy afterwards.

Candy Man Killer – ( Ronald Clark O’Bryan )
He was convicted of killing his 8 year old son in the year 1974 on Halloween, with potassium cyanide-laced Pixy Stix. this took place in Texas. he was actually in jail until September 30th, 1982, and then he ended up dying in 1984. he had also killed 28 other people before killing his son. but the killing of his son is what got him caught in action.

Tylenol killer (James Lewis 1972-1976)

he was convicted of killing 7 people from this, he was putting some type of deadly liquid inside of the Meds, and it would kill the person i less then 3 days, and people started to see how it kept happening and started to see that someone was doing to kill people, they weren’t dying from natural causes.

Those are just two examples, it’s not even just with candy on Halloween, people can do it at any time just be careful and always check your candy before you eat it, or even just food, if you bite into something and it taste weird, or if someone gives you something and it looks weird, smells weird, or anything of the sort, DO NOT eat it. Besides all of the negatives of Halloween let’s get into the positives about the celebration it’s a time where people dress up and have fun! Some people throw Halloween parties and those are also fun to go to most of the time. They’re wild, but they’re very fun. My favorite thing about Halloween is the trick or treating, I’m 16, yes, I still go trick or treating, because I feel like you’re never too old to go trick or treating. It's free candy! Now I don’t dress up the way I used to, but I still do a little something, Halloween is one of my favorite celebrations, and I really look forward to this year. I plan on going trick or treating with friends.

Beware of the things people can be up to when it comes to Halloween night! Stay safe, and don’t eat too much candy.