A Day At Page With No Power!

The power outage at Page on Friday, September 25th, 2015 was a day to remember! The power at school went out around noon due to a car wrecking into a pole right in front of Senior Lot. Students had to remain in their fourth period classes for the rest of the school day. Students were only allowed to leave if their parents came to check them out or they previously had a note to get out of school early. Administrators, teachers, and police officers were everywhere throughout the school to make sure the school was under control and everyone was safe. Due to the power outage occurring during first lunch, second and third lunches were not able to go to lunch, so Lunchables were given to students who had not eaten lunch yet. Dr. Faison says, “The kids did really well with the power outage, there was not one major issue. This was the biggest crisis I have been through as a principal and I was able to learn a lot about the staff. Teachers were very helpful, especially fourth period teachers with no classes.” The power outage was a huge learning process for everyone.