Seven Period Day

Harrison McDowell, News

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For the 2017-2018 school year, Page High will be using a seven period day instead of our traditional six, and it’s a big change for students and teachers. The school spent numerous hours pondering this change. How will it affect students? How will it affect teachers? There is one more class per day, all year. Classes are shorter, so students will have more work outside of class. This can be difficult for some, especially those who play sports. More classes per day, means more homework at night. Elena Butler says that, “It makes everyone tired, including the teachers, so no one wants to do anything by the end of the day. It also adds a whole other class with even more homework to do.” Also, Justin Geletko, an IB student told me, “I think that the 7 period schedule is a big adjustment from the 6 period schedule. By the time I get to my last class, I find it difficult to focus because I am used to getting out after 6 period. It also effects the amount of homework I have because that extra class may assign a project or long assignment that takes a lot of time to do.” 




This could also be difficult for teachers. They have to now plan for seven classes instead of six per day. Teachers have to grade more work as well. If they can’t stay on their curriculum, they have to give the students more work at night, which means they have more to grade. Mr.  Conte said to me, “It seems relatively more exhausting, although the length of the school day is the same, it seems like the number of events, i.e. student interactions, has drastically increased. However, if the new schedule increases student success I’m excited to adapt.”  

Page had students taking seven total classes last year but that was over two semesters. Fourth period was split by either first and second semester, or A-day, B-day. This fourth period class had 90 minutes of instructional time per day and 25 minutes for lunch. Every other period was 55 minutes. Now with the change, every class is 50 minutes except for fourth and fifth, which are 55 minutes. Lunch used to be 25 minutes but this year they lengthened it by five minutes, now it is half an hour for all students.  

There are some positives to the new schedule. If we stuck with the six period day, some people would have to take A-day B-day classes which gets confusing. This way they can have all of their classes every day. This is also an advantage for some juniors


this year. If we kept the six period day, they would’ve had to take AP United States History and AP English on A-day, B-day. This way they get more class time for the AP classes that matter. If we kept the block fourth period, kids lose many hours of in class time for those classes. This way they have equal class time and in-class practice for the higher level classes.  

Mr. Hines also expressed his interest on this topic, he said, “(The seven period day) had been done before I got here. I am letting data determine whether it’s working or not… academic performance and attendance. I am possibly looking at a new schedule… I don’t like the extra class/work; that’s an extra exam. I think young people should be allowed to be young people


without trying to overwork them… it’s just extra. If we change the schedule I am looking to get rid of a class and lengthen lunch. Most of our discipline issues last year came during the block class.” This being said, this new schedule is basically a trial. If it doesn’t work, there will be changes. 

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Seven Period Day