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On January 5, 2018, Eric Hines, the principal of Page High School, decided to retire due to the fact that he needed to start spending more time with his family. GCS promoted Assistant Principal Lisé Timmons-McLaughlin as the interim principal to finish out this school year. The Pages by Page staff put out a twitter poll to find out what character trait they would most want to see in our principal for the 2018-2019 school year and beyond. 

According to the people who responded to our twitter poll, most would most want to see a new principal who is personable. On the Pages by Page twitter poll, the followers were asked to choose between having a personable principal, a principal who is a strict disciplinarian, a principal who does what’s in their power to strengthen academic courses or electives. Almost 50% of the responses chose that they want to see a personable principal. By putting out this survey, the Pages by Page staff found out what some of the students and twitter followers want to see in our new head at the school. People seem to care about personality over academic courses and keeping our school commotion free. The responders want a principal they can trust and talk to.  

  1. Personable- 48%
  2. Strict Disciplinarian- 25%
  3. Strengthens Academics- 19%
  4. Strengthens Electives- 8%
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New Principal