Katz Wins Teacher of the Year

Meagan Gutheil, Editor-in-Chief

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Congratulations to Mrs. Katz for winning Page’s Teacher of the Year award this year! Katz says she was surprised with the award and that it was a “really neat feeling to be recognized by your colleagues.” She doesn’t necessarily feel she deserved the award, however, her fellow staff members disagreed. Katz says that she works with many amazing teachers who have wonderful impacts with and on students every day. She achieved this award through her hard work as a teacher that goes the extra mile to “encourage students to think for themselves and always look for the patterns around them.” Her unique teaching style also includes different small group learning activities and real world situations that she can apply to her lessons. She thinks it’s incredible that she is seen in such a positive light and is being acknowledged for her contributions to the school. Mrs. Katz wants to thank “every teacher in this building for pushing [her]  to be the best teacher [she] can be and for encouraging [her] to be [herself] no matter the situation.” Once again, congratulations to Mrs. Katz for being awarded Page’s Teacher of the Year award for this school year!

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