From Serving Our Country to Serving Our Students

Emma Zamani, Staff Writer

Charles Carter has been a friendly face to Page High for several years now. Known as the assistant principal with the large backpack full of snacks, many have no idea about his true past. In the Army for fifteen years and part of the Navy for eight, he’s always been a well-rounded, determined individual. From dealing with bombs and preparation for national threats to helping students cool down after altercations, he’s truly done it all.

Carter however, does not see much of a difference in these environments. When asked about what remained the same throughout his life, he stated “I’ve always worked with kids. Many may not see it that way, but most soldiers are eighteen to nineteen, making them still children to me.” This similarity may explain why he works so well with our students. A total of around twenty years in the military  gives his many skills. Carter stated “I can now make quick decisions on my feet and working in a school is the exact same way.” This shows how this directly impact Carter within our school when altercations or surprise events occur.

Overall, Assistant Principal Charles Carter has had many experiences in and out of the walls of Page. From the walls of elementary schools in Durham, to the walls of shared rooms in the Army, these experiences have helped him shape our school into what it is today.