Page High School Through Hudson’s Eyes

Jenna Whitt, Staff Writer

Ms. Hudson loves working at Page and enjoys the diversity and school spirit. Part of her job includes working with young people by teaching them skills and strategies that they can use to handle a variety of situations in school and personal life. She is assigned to 12th grade, but you will see her work with students of all different ages, ethnicities and religions. She hopes students make great strides in the classroom this year and in extra curriculars such as band, Team Voyage, football, Playmakers, etc. The most fulfilling part of her job is working with young people, helping them grow, and preparing students to leave high school for whatever the next chapter may be. Before Page, she was a special education teacher for 15 years at Dudley High School. She advocates for the positive use of electronic devices in the classrooms, with the only downsides being students missing crucial information during class time, as well as incidents due to social media. Overall, Ms. Hudson has influenced many teachers, admin and most importantly students from Page and Dudley.