The Technological Renaissance of Page High

Mazin Dargol, Staff Writer

Technology one of the biggest and important aspects here at Page High School. Page being the school that it is, is a huge advocate for technological updates while also committing into having those technologies. A conversation with Page media specialist Mrs. Delellis states that Page has been updated with interactive ceiling mounted projectors and touch screen laptops from funding by Page Alumni and Friends who fully funded for the new interactive ceiling mounted projectors.

The interactive ceiling mounted projectors have features such as digital highlighting and marking with the ability to also use desktop features on the ceiling mounted projectors, making it easier for teachers to make any last-minute changes before class instruction. We were also supplied with new touch screen laptops this year with thirty- five laptops being in each cart, and two new carts in the whole building. But with these laptops you can fold it into a literal tablet while still being able to use the laptops’ original features, such as the standard keyboard and touch mouse.



Page high’s principal Mr. Naglee. states that technologies such as the ones stated before align with Page’s technological vision. As a school, he believes that these technologies help Page become more closer into being more technologically modernized. But in terms on how its quickly modernizing, Naglee thanks Page Alumni and Friends stating that “They are a very big influence in our growth as a school in terms of our needs and wants for our students and staff.’’