Robertson’s Reportings: 10/25 – 10/31

Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to another week of Robertson’s Reportings! Towards the end of October, Google’s computer named Sycamore achieved quantum supremacy after computing a theoretical problem that no other computer has had the ability to complete before. In merely four minutes, the computer was able to solve a problem that would have taken other computers an estimated 10,000 years. This knowledge could eventually lead to advancements from topics including weather forecasting and artificial intelligence. Google spent 13 years attempting to achieve this title, but it will probably take many more years for this computer to have a practical use.

ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been killed after a United States raid in Syria. No American troops were killed, but two of al-Baghdadi’s wives and other ISIS members, including the second in command, were killed. Their new leader, Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi, has been announced through an audio that was released on October 30. Only one canine, Conan, from the U.S. was injured, but he is already back to work and healthy, and he has received recognition as a national hero.

A train fire in Pakistan resulted in the death of over 65 people. Gas used by a passenger cooking on a small stove suddenly exploded and spread to three different cars. In an attempt to escape the flames, many passengers leapt out of the vehicle. The military was dispatched to assist rescue efforts, and Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered an immediate inquiry. The stove used was not allowed on the train, so baggage check and luggage restrictions will likely be heightened over the next few weeks as Pakistanis recover from the recent tragedy.

New details regarding the death of the notorious Jeffrey Epstein came out recently and suggest that his death was a homicide, not a suicide. Epstein died in jail on August 10, about a month since he was imprisoned, with a bedsheet around his neck. He plead guilty to federal trafficking charges and abuse of underage girls. At the time of his death, the guards mysteriously fell asleep, and the cameras around his cell stopped working. Now, medical examiners have revealed that an autopsy shows his death was not a suicide.

The House of Representatives has voted to authorize the impeachment of President Donald Trump. The vote sets up a new phase of the impeachment process. Many people suggest that this is unlikely to follow through, considering the impeachment will have to pass through the mostly Republican Senate, and there is no evidence as to why he should be impeached. Others, however, see this as a big step.

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