Ms. Bailey: A Member of Page’s Pirate Crew of Administration

Mazin Dargol, Staff Writer

Ms. Bailey our 10th grade administrator here at Page High School has a mind of steel on her values of life and high school education. Ms. Bailey is an administrator who loves the joy of participating in activities such as working out and singing, stating that these activities help her relieve stress from her job as a admin. As a teacher, teaching others then getting into realizing herself is what gave her the change of occupation into a High school admin. Ms. Bailey states that her greatest strength as a high school admin is her ability to understand students, build relationships with them.

She feels that the best way to motivate 12th graders’ is by making their education and learning relevant to them while also discovering their goals and how the things they do now affects the things they do later in life. She also expresses her management style as a high school admin stating that she’s a very hands on type of person and loves communicating and understanding the person she’s aiding. She feels that students love communication and expressing their thoughts and intellect.

She sees Page as a school that represents so many values and is very good at upholding and reinforcing those values.