Officer Griffiths’ 11 Years Serving Page

Salma Elboshra, Staff Writer

Officer Griffiths is a 48-year-old loving father of two kids who not only works here at Page but is also the heart and core of us Pirates. After serving for seven years in the military, “O.G.” joined the Greensboro Police Department. Being an School Research Officer wasn’t always a part of O.G.’s plans, but once he started, he absolutely loved his position here. He turned down so many opportunities of being recruited, because of how much he loves and cares about the students here at Page. I asked him what his favorite part of being an SRO was, and he stated, “Seeing kids graduate and then coming back to visit, sharing with me all of their accomplishments. Seeing them do good makes me happy.” Officer Griffiths has been our School Resource Officer here at Page for 11 years out of his 22 ½ years of service as an officer. He has impacted so many lives throughout these years. He goes the extra mile to make sure that everyone stays on the right track and is successful. He believes his position here has impacted him positively throughout his life since he loves helping others. Page won’t be the same once he leaves, whatever time that may be, because he certainly makes up a huge part of the Pirate family.