Pirate Homecoming’s Lifelong Memories

Salma Elboshra, Staff Writer

Homecoming is always a fun experience, from the homecoming dance and bonfire to the exciting football game! This year the Pirate Homecoming was held on October 21st at Page High school, where Amanda Bestman won Homecoming Queen and Nancy Cornelius won Pirate Queen. Both Nancy and Amanda were ecstatic when being blessed with the opportunity to represent our school. “Coming to an end of your high school experience can be scary but also the time to make memories that last a lifetime,” Amanda stated in terms of how honored she felt to be chosen as our Homecoming Queen. When I asked Nancy how her experience was winning Pirate Queen her response was, “I was shocked that I won but I greatly appreciated everyone who supported me. It was definitely a moment I’ll cherish forever.” I personally enjoyed my homecoming experience as well. It’s definitely a time to reconnect with old faces and celebrate together as a Pirate family. This proves exactly how important these celebrations are in high school.