Robertson’s Reportings: 2/7 – 2/13

Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome back to another week of Robertson’s Reportings! Mississippi saw historical flood waters this week. Thousands of homes have been damaged, particularly in places near Jackson, Mississippi’s capital. In Jackson, the Pearl River is a major source of water. It reached its third highest elevation ever recorded. Luckily, the process to rebuild the destruction caused is already in place, as the rain has stopped and roadways are beginning to reopen.

Boy Scouts of America have filed for bankruptcy following an abuse scandal. The scouting group was claimed to have roughly 8,000 leaders sexually abuse children through the past years and even decades. When people came out with their claims, the lawsuits began filing in. While legal issues are being sorted out, the organization claims that activities will still take place, and it will “maintain its commitments to its members, families, volunteer leaders, employees, retirees, donors and alumni to the fullest extent permitted by bankruptcy laws.”

Cinderella’s Castle in Walt Disney World “is about to get even more magical,” claimed Disney Parks’ Twitter account. Updates to the castle are in celebration of Cinderella’s 70th anniversary. New paint will be added to the castle, along with gold trim. The makeover will be done quickly, within the next view months.

A 200 car pile up injured 69 people and killed two others due to snowy conditions in Quebec. Most severe injuries were caused by tank trucks, 18-wheelers, and ambulances that “slammed into [cars],” said a local involved in the pile up. A school bus was also involved in the incident, but no students or passengers were injured. The crash took hours to be resolved due to the conditions, including high winds that caused visibility to be low. Only a quarter of the vehicles in the pile up drove away normally while at least 75 had to be towed.

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