Say Something Week Marks Anniversary of Sincere’s Passing

Sophia Robertson, Editor-in-Chief

Say Something Week at Page High School took place during the first full week of March. This week was meant to remind students of school safety and ways to prevent violence. The main objectives of the week included teaching students how to look for warning signs of danger, act immediately in response to negative signs, and say something to a trustworthy adult before a dangerous situation advances.

Tables were set up in the commons area for each day with different ways to promote the safety of students: information was given out and multiple posters were made. A photo booth was also set up where students could take a picture with the caption, “I Say Something because…” Students were encouraged to caption social media pictures with #SaySomething and #Upstander. On the final day, March 5, teachers and students wore green in support of Sandy Hook Elementary School colors.

Sandy Hook Elementary School was the victim of a shooting in 2012. Twenty elementary students and six adults were killed by a 20-year-old shooter. Mental health and violence at school have been very important issues in America, largely during the 21st century. One year ago from March 2, Sincere Davis, football player and beloved senior at Page, was shot in an apartment at a gathering. On March 12, Davis passed away after being in intensive care at Moses Cone Hospital for over one week. To this day, the shooter has not been identified despite the many witnesses. Many other investigations just like Davis’ have not been closed because nobody has spoken up. In order to prevent violence and to promote the safety of yourself and those around you, it is very important to stand up for what is right and say something.